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Peer Reviewed Publications

Read reviews by Jeffrey Cohen in American Ethnologist and

Michele Feder-Nadoff in The Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute

Journal Articles & Book Chapters

2023. 'Writing Practices' and Writing 'Practices': observation and struggle in fieldnotes about artisanal work.' In C. Bose and M. Mohsini, eds. Encountering Craft
Methodological Approaches from Anthropology, Art History, and Design
. Abingdon: Routledge. (Download text only)

2021. Participatory Research in Mesoamerica and Data Protection in Europe (and elsewhere). Annals of Anthropological Practice 44(3): 152-156. (Download text only)

2020. The Politics of Craft and Working Without Skill. In. D. Wood, ed. Craft Is Political: Economic, social and technological Contexts. London: Bloomsbury. (Download text only)

2018. “Making” Hierarchies of Labour in Mexican Artisanal Workshops.’ Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute 24(S1): S61-S74. (Download text only)

2016. The Art of Indigeneity: aesthetics and competition in Mexican economies of culture. Ethnos: Journal of Anthropology 81(1): 152-177.  (Download text only)


2016. Who Authors Crafts? Producing woodcarvings and authorship in Oaxaca, Mexico.  Critical Craft: Technology, Globalization and Capitalism Clare Wilkinson-Weber and Alicia Ory de Nicola (eds). London: Bloomsbury, pp. 19-34. (Download text only)


2015. The Allure of Art and Intellectual Property: artisans and industrial replicas in Mexican cultural economies. Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute 21(4): 820-837. (Download text only)


2015. One Image, Two Stories: Ethnographic and Touristic Photography and the Practice of Craft in Mexico’ Visual Anthropology 28 (4): 277-285. (Download text only)

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