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Reviews, Blogs & Video


2018. Review of 'A goddess in motion: visual creativity in the cult of María Lionza' by Roger Canals. Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute  24(4): 860-861.

2016. Review of 'The Business of Creativity: Toward an Anthropology of Worth' by Brian Moeran. American Ethnologist 43(1): 203-204.


2015. Review of ‘Locations of Envy: An ethnography of Aguabuena Potters’  by Daniella Castellanos Montes. Dissertation Reviews no. 11187. 


2014. Review of ‘The Making of Asmat Art: Indigenous Art in a World Perspective’ by Nick Stanley. Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute 20(2): 372-373.


2014. Review of ‘World Art: An Introduction to the Art in Artefacts’ by Ben Burt. Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute 20(3): 583-584.

Reports, Comments & Blog Posts 

2024. What a new plan to save the UK's churches says about their place in society. The Conversation, February 7, 2024. 

2022. The Best Books About People Who Make Things For A Living.

2020. Expert comment: Washington Redskins name change shows cultural rights at odds with profit-making. University of Reading News.

2019. Should beliefs or history decide if a building is a church or a museum? European Commission, Results in Brief.

2018. What Can Witchcraft Do in Mexico? Anthropology News, October 28, 2018.

2018. Saints of the Shaking Earth. The Religion Factor.

2018. Who is the Author? Oaxacan woodcarvers in global economies of art. Garland Magazine.

2017. Notes from the Field. School of Anthropology and Conservation Blog, University of Kent. (download text)

2012. American Aesthetics and Chinese copies: the new politics of artisanship in Oaxaca, Mexico. Anthropology News 53(10) [December 2012]: 48-49.

Podcasts & Video


2022. Interview with art conservator and artist Jesus Guevara Rico. Camthropod:The Cambridge Anthropology Podcast & Artery

2022. What Is A Church For? Human Stories   

2019. Convivencia: Lightness and Darkness in Mexico's Day of the Dead. Museum of English Rural Life MERL Lates

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