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Case Studies

Here you can find a selection of recent projects where UK Catholic churches have successfully developed community engagement activities. Although your church may be working to different considerations, they might inspire you!

If you have a project that you think could be highlighted as a case study, please email Dr Alanna Cant 

Light Night at St Barnabas Cathedral, Nottingham

Light Night at Nottingham’s St Barnabas Cathedral: In 2023 and 2024, Nottingham Cathedral has participated in the city’s annual Light Night trail. In 2024, over 4,000 people visited the cathedral and were treated to a programme of illuminations, live sacred music, candle lighting and lantern making, showcasing Pugin’s architecture. This was organised by the Friends of Nottingham Cathedral, which was established in 2021.


The Last Welsh Martyr Walk at St David Lewis & St Francis Xavier Parish Church

The Last Welsh Martyr Walk at St David Lewis & St Francis Xavier Parish Church: with support from the Safeguarding our Ecclesiastical Heritage project, the church participated in the annual Chepstow Walking Festival in 2023, in collaboration with Walkers are Welcome.


Hearing the Convent at Convento da Terra (Torrão), Portugal

Hearing the Convent workshop at the Convento da Terra (Torrão), Portugal. Part of the Transformative Religious Heritage: Bridging Northern and Southern European Approaches project.

Da Terra.png

Heritage for All at Leeds Cathedral

Heritage for All at Leeds Cathedral: part of a National Lottery Heritage Fund grant in 2024, this project will engage volunteers and tell the stories of the diverse communities that are local to the community by developing interpretation materials and resources for tourists and school visits.

WWII Audio Tour at SS Peter, Paul and St Philomena Church

WWII Audio Tour at SS Peter, Paul and St Philomena church: Recipient of the 2018 Marsh Innovative Church Project Award, this project developed a free audio tour to tell the story of how the church helped people during the Blitz and how it earned its nickname, ‘Dome of Home.’


Image Credits: Michael D Beckwith, David Dixon, Jaggery, and Rodhullandemu. Creative Commons CC0 License. 

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