I have experience teaching undergraduate and Master's level courses at Cambridge, the London School of Economics, and Martin Luther University of Halle-Wittenberg, Germany. I have also participated in a number of mentorship programmes for undergraduate students at the LSE and postgraduate students at the University of Oslo, Norway. 


“Anthropology of Media and Visual Culture.” Sessional Lecturer for undergraduate course on the role of media and visual forms in contemporary social life. Topics: Is Aesthetics a Useful Concept for Anthropology? Aesthetics and Politics. Department of Anthropology, University of Cambridge


“Indigeneity in Latin America.” Sessional Lecturer for master’s seminar. Topics: Art and the construction of indigeneity in Mexico; Christianity and Indigeneity in Mexico and the Andes. Centre for Latin American Studies, University of Cambridge.


“Anthropology of Creativity.” Sessional Lecturer for undergraduate course. Topic: Creativity and economic competition in Mexico’s craft economies. School of Anthropology and Conservation, University of Kent.

“Anthropology of Art and Material Culture.” 

Convenor and lecturer for advanced Master’s level course on the role of art and material culture within the history of anthropology, as well as contemporary debates surrounding topics such as art production and value, skill transmission and materiality. The Institute for Social and Cultural Anthropology, Martin Luther University of Halle-Wittenberg.

“Culture and Globalisation: Perspectives from Anthropology” 

Introduction to social anthropology within the context of current debates concerning globalization. Topics include: migration, development, tourism, and militarism. London School of Economics.

“Kinship, Sex and Gender” 

Theoretical course concerning this history and current debates in the anthropological study of kinship and how it relates to sex and gender. Topics include: Foucault and the body, sexuality, masculinity and new reproductive technologies. London School of Economics.

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